From conception, it was really important to us that by solving one problem, we weren’t creating another for the Earth. 

Fashion has a pretty lousy history when it comes to environmental impacts and we wanted to ensure we could achieve our mission whilst limiting our impact on the world. Although this limits our ability to offer particular colours and increases costs, it is a core element of our brand to create products with sustainability at the forefront. 

Our products are all made from recycled fabrics. Our packaging is compostable or recyclable, from the mailer that arrives at your front door, to the stickers and paper inside. 

Our products are designed in Melbourne, Australia and produced in Guangzhou in China. We had hoped that we could be an Australian owned, designed and manufactured product, however the willingness of local manufactures to partner with start ups as well as cost made that prohibitive for the time being. 

The nipco bra doesn’t need to end up in landfill as it is designed to be worn long after breastfeeding is finished.