NipCo Best maternity bra

Australia's New #1 Maternity Bra

NipCo has been named Australia's best maternity underwear in 2024 by One Fine Baby!

What sets us apart?

It's our buttery soft second skin underwear, uncompromising in support, style and functionality.

Designed to make you feel a little more you throughout all the changes that come with pregnancy and beyond, the OG Maternity Bra is a stylish alternative to the traditional maternity bra.

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  • - Katherine

    First maternity bra I have found that is fun, super comfy and really good quality! Such a nice change from the usual frumpy maternity options. Customer service was amazing too :)

  • Hannah

    After 8 months exclusively breastfeeding I've been desperate for a feeding bra/ any bra that is good. It fits well and is true to size. The colour is incred and subtle. I still leak loads and the stitched in padding which has been through the wash many times now is ideal. I don't need to wear breastfeeding pads anymore!

  • Sophie

    Since the day I wore an ill fitting bra and got mastitis I have never felt comfortable wearing one. My scoliosis throws my ribs out and I spend the day trying to stretch the bra I am wearing because it feels tight in places I wore my NipCo bra today and forgot I was even wearing one! That's insane to me!

Meet The Mums

When pregnant with her son Oscar, Emily realised that the bras now available to her ever growing nips were, let’s be frank, a letdown (pun totally intended). 

So she and her sister Claire set out to make life just a little easier and a lot comfier for all mums and their nips.

Meet The Founders