Illustration of bottle, dummy, wipes and nipple cream

Our Bundles of Joy

If bouncing on a swiss ball at 3am, hoping that the hour long quad burn finally results in your baby sleeping a stretch longer than 23 minutes, teaches you anything (aside from sheer willpower not to kill your sleeping partner), it’s that being a mum is an extreme sport.

Endurance? Getting a toddler who fell asleep as you pulled into the driveway to bed before midnight. Agility? ‘Mum, I need to wee’, those dreaded 5 words when you’re a trolly deep in aisle 4. High performance? Playgrounds without a fence (what the actual). Strength? Jack hammering dried porridge off the dining table. 

All of this is fine we say, as we rock in the corner, but the problem is that underwear, like Brittney Spears, is still stuck in 1999 (love you Britt).


Underwire. Horrid. Rigid, unsupportive fabrics with no give for the constant (and normal!) fluctuation in size of our boobs, butt and tum. No thanks. Scratchy frills and lace. Aint nobody got time for that. 

Underwear in 2022 needs to be capable of keeping up with mum life and successfully fuse the gap between function and style. 

Our products are designed with every mum in mind. Our signature bra comes with a breastfeeding option, but is designed to support you through whatever feeding journey you undertake.  Our underwear is high enough, soft enough and supportive enough for our c-section mummas. Our fabric is buttery soft, contains the perfect balance of compression without restriction and has moisture wicking properties to get you through those post partum sweats or those days spent chasing after a toddler.

Our heat and cool pack options are perfect for those fighting the b**ch that is mastitis or to assist in engorgement and weaning or to soothe sore boobs during your cycle. And at the heart of all of this, they are stylish, because becoming a mum doesn’t mean you should lose that part of you that wanted to feel a touch put together when she put her underwear on in the morning.


Motherhood is an extreme sport whether you’re in your first trimester, weaning or chasing after a toddler. NipCo gives you underwear that can keep up.

Mothers are fierce and we’re here for it.