5 Incredible Facts About Breastfeeding

5 Incredible Facts About Breastfeeding

Kissing Your Baby Will Change Your Breastmilk

The irresistible urge to plant kisses all over your baby will also help to boost their immune system! When you kiss your baby you are sampling the pathogens on the skin which are then transferred to your lymphatic system where you will produce antibodies to any bugs. The antibodies will then pass through your breastmilk to your baby and boost their immune system. 

Breastmilk Changes As Your Baby Grows 

The composition of breastmilk not only changes during a single feed but nutrients, including macronutrients and immune factor concentrations change according to the age and development of your baby. Thus providing the perfect food for your baby as they grow from birth through starting family foods and becoming mobile to weaning. 

The Ability To Thermoregulate 

Your breasts can detect even one degree fluctuation in baby’s body temperature and adjust accordingly to heat up or cool down your baby as needed during skin to skin or breastfeeding. How is that for spidey senses! 

Your Face Is The Perfect Distance From Your Breast 

A newborn can only see things clearly in focus 8 to 25 inches away from their face. This means you are perfect range and bubs can see you while they’re nursing. 

You Can Be Excused From Jury Duty

Sorry Judge, needy baby here.